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हा भाई यही आती है सबसे तेज़ ख़बर रुको और देखो

What is Kalyan Date Fix Ank?
Fix 4 ank ka matlab yaha pe ye hota hai ki aapko jodi ke liye open to close ke number nikalne hote hai. Jaisa ki aap dekh sakte hai Kalyan open to close me 2 numbers hote hai to aap pichla record uppar diye kisi bhi chart me dekh kar ke kuch maths laga kr Hmare diye gye date fix 4 digit ank se kalyan ki Aaj ki single Jodi maths krke chouse kar sakte hai. Ye 4 digit sattamatka ke professor or top 5 gessure ke dwara clear hota hai. Kalyan daily 4 ank open to close Hamari website me daily game khulne ke before 1 Hour update ho jata hai. Jise Aap play krke Money Eran kr Skte hai.


Date 5-6-2024 ko
Satta Matka Number
Otc Guessing
Time Bazar Open Patti 167 Pass Or Jodi =46 Pass
Milan Day Single Jodi = 80 Pass
Aaj ka Kalyan game =270= 97 Pass
Milan Night close single Panna = 458 Pass
Rajdhani night single Open =5 Pass Open Panna=348 Pass
Kalyan Night single Jodi= 99 Pass open Panel= 135 pass Main bazaar 57 pass and close panna 359 pass


(11:40 - 12:40 )
(01:10 - 02:10 )
(01:42 - 02:40 )
(03:15 - 05:15 )
(03:10 - 05:10 )
(03:50 - 05:50 )
(07:20 - 08:20 )
(08:40 - 10:45 )
(09:00 - 11:00 )
(09:40 - 11:50 )
(09:40 - 11:40 )
(09:55 - 12:05 )


  • अगर आपका कोई खुद का सत्ता मटका मार्केट चलता है।
  • या फिर आप कोई नया सत्ता मार्केट शुरू करने की सोच रहे हैं
  • तो आज ही अपना बाजार हमारी वेवसाईट मे डलवाने के लिए तुरंत संपर्क करे।
  • रेट। चार्ज भी अन्य वेवसैट से बहुत कम है।
  • मात्र 5 मिनट में रिजल्ट वेबसाइट पर लग जायेगा। आप स्वयं ही टाइम टू टाइम अपडेट कर सकते हैं।
  • तथा अडमिं पेनल से आप रिजल्ट रिकॉर्ड डाल सकते हैं

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Satta Jodi Chart
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Matka Panel Chart

Satta Matka game is a type of gambling popular in India. Research shows that the word "Satta Matka" is one of the most searched term in India. One can make a lot of money in Satta Matka based on the technique he uses to play. We use techniques in on-line Satta Matka web site that gives the short Satta Matka Result and Free Guessing too.

You can play satta matka online or offline you can also play on daily SattaMatka is a game that includes speculating numbers from 0-9. A little example and practice, anybody can become Guru of satta matka.
Play with less or managed money - Satta player should always start playing or betting with less amount of money.
Always set your profit targets - Primary steps in this direction would be developing a clear understanding of the game and the logic behind the game, you can also get assistance from phone call.

It has got nothing to do with astrology but probability. The probability of getting a number is based on multiple scenarios together everyday.
Thus, Calculations are necessary - Follow a winning strategy and always begin with the minimal betting amounts. you'll always win slowly and gradually and once you start winning on a daily basis, then you can increase the amount if has closely calculated numbers.

In the original form of the game, betting would take place on the opening and closing rates of cotton as transmitted to the Bombay Cotton Exchange from the New York Cotton Exchange, via teleprinters. In 1961, the New York Cotton Exchange stopped the practice, which caused the punters to look for alternative ways to keep the matka business alive. A Sindhi migrant from Karachi, Pakistan, Ratan Khatri introduced the idea of declaring opening and closing rates of imaginary products and playing cards. Numbers would be written on pieces of paper and put into a matka, a large earthen pitcher. One person would then draw a chit and declare the winning numbers. Over the years, the practice changed, so that three numbers were drawn from a pack of playing cards, but the name "matka" was kept.[2] In 1962, Kalyanji Bhagat started the Worli matka. Ratan Khatri then introduced the New Worli matka in 1964, with slight modifications to the rules of the game with odds that were more favourable to the public. Kalyanji Bhagat's matka ran for all days of the week, whereas Ratan Khatri's matka ran only five days a week, from Monday to Friday and later as it gained immense popularity and became synonymous with his name, it began to be called Main Ratan matka. [3] During the flourishing of textile mills in Mumbai, many mill workers played matka, resulting in bookies opening their shops in and around the mill areas, predominantly located in Parel in Central Mumbai and Kalbadevi in South Mumbai. The decades of 1980s and 1990s saw the matka business reach its peak. Betting volumes in excess of Rs. 500 crore would be laid every month. The Mumbai Police’s massive crackdown on the matka dens forced dealers to shift their base to the city’s outskirts. Many of them moved to Gujarat, Rajasthan and other states. With no major source of betting in the city, the punters got attracted to other sources of gambling such as online and zhatpat lotteries. Meanwhile, the rich punters began to explore betting on cricket matches.[4] In 1995 there were more than 2,000 big and medium-time bookies in the city and neighboring towns, but since then the numbers have declined substantially to less than 300. Of late, the average monthly turnover has remained around Rs. 100 crore. The modern matka business is centered around Maharashtra.

Satta Matka number system is totally different from any numbering system available in arithmatic, that includes types like Open, Close, Jodi, Panel, Sangam, Jackpot among. it's a calculation for getting an approx number of digits 0–100 the right number then you could win 90 times extra money than we placed at certain number. But if you are new to matka you must call guru to make your victory sure.

Satta matka is very fast growing unethical industry in India and in many other countries like dubai, saudi arabia including United States. It has come basis forms Like Open, Close, Jodi, Panna, Sangam etc. there are many games like Kalyan, Rajdhani Day and Night, Milan Day and milan Night. All the has one thing comon that is Open and Close both combile makes Jodi, Panna, sangam. The basic concept of Matka is also same as other lottery system.

Final ank is made by open and close results. the combination of Open and Close panel makes Final Ank. There have been two types of Final Ank, the first one being the cut ank and the second one being open to close. The tricks to win the final ank are, you should be having the selections in the of the Kapil matka final ank. As the rates of differnt open, close, jodi and patti are different and that makes Final Ank diffrent for the player who is focused on what game.

The Satta Matka live results are a treat to watch as the results come out to be one of the fortune changing experiences for the player. The results for the Satta Matka are revealed online that can be of any format like the Super Day Matka Results, Mumbai Main Matka Results, Time Bazaar Matka Results, Madhur Day Matka Results, Rajdhani Day Matka Results, New Delhi Matka Results, Milan Day Matka Results, Madhur Night Matka, Kalyan Day Matka Results, Milan Night Matka Results & Rajdhani Night Matka Results.

The mentor of Satta Matka and Matka guru can also be seen in Bollywood. Bollywood film maker Feroz Khan's film Dharmatma has a character named Prem Nath which is influenced by Rattan Khatri who then also provided basic logistics for dialogues written for the film. Rattan Khatri also financed a Bollywood film Rangeela Ratan in the year 1976 and he is the co-producer of the film. Conclusion: Finally, It is no surprise in saying Satta Matka can make you win crores if you play it properly and it may gives you loss if you are not able to implement strategies and expert advice.

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indian matka market is quite unpredictable because it is quite organized. market generates matka results by the calculations we provide to the game runners be it kalyan satta, dpboss, time bazar, madhur satta, rajdhani satta.


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What is Satta Matka?
Want instant results on Satta Matka and also want to have the charts to have full-fun gameplay, then you are at the right place! Satta Matka is an Indian game of luck. It is a game of gambling based on betting and has its own fan base among the huge amount of population. This is a lottery-style gameplay and very popular among Indians. Along with the era of evolution, this Satta Matka game has also opted modern technology and nowadays, this game can also be played on online websites. One of the very popular Satta Matka sites is This is a genuine and authentic site on the internet to get online tips and trick to play a safe and smart game. This game Satta Matka is a number game which depends on your guessing the winning numeric.


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